Presentations and conference contributions

Here you will find presentations, conference contributions and supplementary material for download. Please note that LMU talks are accessible for LMU staff members only. You can request a password for my public talks and conference contributions, though. Just send me an email.

Public talks and conference contributions

21.    Tegel, Marcus; „PowerPaste - high dynamic and safe hydrogen-on-demand solution for fuel cell applications“, Hannover Messe 2016, Hannover, Germany, April 2016. Link.

20.    Tegel, Marcus; „Hydrogen-on-demand generators for fuel cell power systems“, 3rd Dresden Conference „Energy in Future“, Dresden, Germany, November 2015.

19.    Tegel, Marcus; „Hydrolyse von Magnesiumhydrid für Langzeitenergiespeicher mit ultrahohen Speicherdichten“, DGM Werkstoffwoche 2015, Dresden, Germany, September 2015.

18.    Tegel, Marcus; „Hydrolysis as a hydrogen source for H2-on-demand solutions“, Hannover Fair 2015, Hannover, Germany, April 2015. Link.

17.    Tegel, Marcus; „Hydrolyse von MgH2 für H2-on-demand-Löungen“, 3. Sächsisches Forum für Brennstoffzellen und Energiespeicher, Leipzig, Germany, January 2015.

16.    Tegel, Marcus; „Efficient On-Site Generation By Hydrolysis Of Activated Magnesium Hydride“, HFC2013 - Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2013, Vancouver, Canada, June 2013.

15.    Tegel, Marcus; „Hydrogen generation from MgH2 hydrolysis with ultra-high capacity“, Enmat II - 2nd International Conference on Materials for Energy, Karlsruhe, Germany, May 2013.

14.    Tegel, Marcus; „Hydrolysis of MgH2: Tailored reaction kinetics for high-capacity on-site hydrogen generation“, International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems (MH2012), Kyoto, Japan, October 2012.

13.    Tegel, Marcus; „Synthesis methods of iron-based superconductors and their analysis with the Rietveld method“, Summer School on Iron Pnictides, Achatswies, Germany, August 2012. Link.

12.    Tegel, Marcus; „Einblicke in einen besonderen Supraleiter“, Hirschegg-Seminar, Hirschegg, Austria, June 2011. Slides (PDF).

11.    Tegel, Marcus; Hummel, Franziska; Schmid, Tanja; Stürzer, Tobias; Egawa, Masamitsu; Su, Yixi; Senyshyn, Anatoliy; Johrendt, Dirk; "The Role of Stoichiometry and Magnetism in the Superconductor Sr2VO3FeAs and Related Compounds", International Workshop on Novel Superconductors and Super Materials (NS22011), Tokyo, Japan, March 2011. Poster (PDF).

10.    Tegel, Marcus; "Supraleiter mit Arsen vergiften", Hemdsärmelkolloquium, Stuttgart, Germany, March 2010. Slides (PDF).

9.    Tegel, Marcus; Welzmiller, Simon; Johrendt, Dirk; "Crystal structures, superconductivity and magnetism of the cobalt-doped iron phosphide oxides La(CoxFe1-x)PO (x = 0 – 1)", ECSSC XII European Conference on Solid State Chemistry, Münster, Germany, September 2009. Poster (PDF).

8.    Rybak, Jens Christoph; Tegel, Marcus; Johrendt, Dirk; Müller-Buschbaum, Klaus „Structure Solution of a Metal-Organic-Framework from X-Ray-Powder-Data High- and Low-Temperature Modifications of Terbium-1,2,3-Triazolate“, ECSSC XII European Conference on Solid State Chemistry, Münster, Germany, September 2009, Poster.

7.    Tegel, Marcus; "Eisenarsenide mit großem Schichtabstand", Hirschegg-Seminar, Hirschegg, Austria, June 2009. Slides (PDF).

6.    Tegel, Marcus; Rotter, Marianne; Schellenberg, Inga; Pöttgen, Rainer; Johrendt, Dirk; "Boundless variety – Superconducting", Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, “Science Express - Expedition Zukunft”, Carriage 6: “Innovative materials and the factory of the future”, Germany, April to November 2009. Snap shot, Virtual tour.

5.    Tegel, Marcus; "Das eine hat’s, das andere nicht! * Zwei neue Eisenarsenide", Hemdsärmelkolloquium, Marburg, Germany, March 2009. Slides (PDF).

4.    Tegel, Marcus; Welzmiller, Simon; Weiß, Veronika; Johansson, Sebastian; Johrendt, Dirk; "Synthesis, structure, magnetism of EuMnPF and the new iron arsenide fluoride SrFeAsF", GDCh-Festkörpertagung, Bayreuth, Germany, September 2008. Poster (PDF).

3.    Tegel, Marcus; "Supraleitung quaternärer Pnictidoxide - auf dem Weg zu neuen Hochtemperatursupraleitern", Hirschegg-Seminar, Hirschegg, Austria, May 2008. Slides (PDF).

2.    Tegel, Marcus; "Synthesis and structure determination of iron-osmium isocyanide carbonyls and charge density studies on (trimethylenemethane)iron tricarbonyl", University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2004. Slides (PDF), Handout (PDF).

1.    Tegel, Marcus; "TPR experiments of methyl lactate with co-adsorbed 2-butanol on a Pd surface / Coverage depencence of the work function of Cu(111) with adsorbed sulphur", University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 2004. Slides (PDF), Handout (PDF).

LMU talks

7.    Tegel, Marcus; "Research Report 2007-2010", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, December 2010. Slides (PDF).

6.    Tegel, Marcus; „Adobe CS4 for scientists“, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, March 2010.

5.    Tegel, Marcus; "Research Report 2009", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, November 2009. Slides (PDF).

4.    Tegel, Marcus; "Rietveld methodology seminar 2009 - An introduction to TOPAS Academic", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, February 2009. Training course and templates.

3.    Tegel, Marcus; "Bericht zur aktuellen Forschung 2008", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, November 2008. Slides (PDF).

2.    Tegel, Marcus; "Rietveld methodology seminar 2008 - An introduction to the Rietveld method and GSAS", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, May 2008. Training course (ZIP).

1.    Tegel, Marcus; "Research Report 2007", Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, November 2007. Slides (PDF).